“There is no greater power on earth than the right action in the present moment.”


How can you get SETTE for life? 

It’s quite simple; we need to be AWAKE. However, being physically awake is not the same as being AWAKE. When we are truly AWAKE we can harness our mindfulness superpower to make conscious, mindful decisions that create powerful change. To achieve this we must LEARN HOW to be truly AWAKE and PRACTICE being AWAKE. KLARITY MINDSETTE offers both the learning and the practice needed to relinquish the patterns that are holding us back from our personal FREEDOM.




A set of techniques designed to cultivate the energy of your thoughts and lead them to harness the captivating power of deliberate, thoughtful, and conscious choice because excellent decision making is the key to happiness. 


KLARITY is focused, dedicated awakeness. Sette, the Italian word for seven, is an ode to the Seven Factors of Awakening in Buddhism. Together, the Klarity Mindsette uses ancient principles in a modern context to provide a clear and direct road map for everyday awareness. 

How Does It Work?

How it Works

The KLARITY MINDSETTE teaches you how to apply techniques that are designed to cultivate the energy of your thoughts, and lead them to harness the captivating power of deliberate and conscious decision-making. Happiness and success are achieved through the POWER of thoughtful decision-making. 

KLARITY MINDSETTE has programs for both Individuals and Corporate Clients.

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Allison Waguespack

Allison Waguespack is a Yoga & Mindfulness Coach, Writer, and the Creator of the KLARITY MINDSETTE. KLARITY MINDSETTE is the culmination of Allison's passionate project over the last 17 years to share the life-changing skills that are vital to relinquish the patterns that hold us back from both joy and freedom. As both a student and teacher of Yoga and Mindfulness, Allison pairs the wisdom passed down through legacies of learning and the tools of practice that can be combined and applied to the unique challenges of today’s world. The combination of those human assets produces JOY.

KLARITY Mindsette Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat

Dates: Oct 20th-25th 2022


Eve Young • Senior Executive

Fortune 500 Financial Institution

"I was looking to find ways to help the leadership team feel more connected to one another and build new tools for growth.  As well as, looking for ways that help the team identify obstacles that may get in the way of reaching full potential.

KLARITY MINDSETTE provided us with the skills to identify challenges and provided us with the exercises required to address them in a mindful way. I particularly appreciated the thought that while we can and should move through all of the associated emotions that accompany experiences, we shouldn't dwell on them.
I would absolutely recommend this program. It was a wonderful team-building workshop and provided the building blocks to successful change and improvement."

Tal Aviezer • Artistic Director

Red Monkey Theater Group

"Our attendees at Allison's mindfulness workshop were all very impressed by the experience. Allison is a thoughtful, engaging, and inspiring teacher. I would recommend her workshops to people from any field or background who are interested in exploring the benefits of mindfulness in their personal and professional lives."

We provide Programs for Individuals and Corporate Clients

Allison Waguespack - Klarity Mindsette

Contact Allison: klaritymindsette@gmail.com 

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