Your organization can trace its successes by following the golden trail of leadership. It's a common myth that businesses are only as powerful as their employees- but smart leaders know employees take their cues from the top. In order to inspire employees to achieve their goals, leaders must embrace two guiding principles regarding creativity and productivity: The first is the belief that positive change is possible and attainable. The second is using that belief to heighten and tighten their own skill of conscious decision-making.

Once leaders (and subsequently employees) free themselves from the mind-forged manacles of limiting beliefs, they can harness the unlimited possibility of a deliberate, thoughtful, and conscious strategy.

KLARITY Mindsette offers a concrete set of techniques to activate this plan. All successes can be traced to the POWER of thoughtful decision-making. KLARITY Mindsette is the ultimate corporate glow-up. 

How can YOU bring KLARITY Mindsette to your organization?

  1. First, we have an initial conversation to discuss the strengths and challenges of your organization. We determine strategies to avoid obstacles and set attainable goals. 
  2. Next, we lay out a plan to approach the different ways KLARITY can assist in actualizing these goals
  3. We work together to set the plan in motion and monitor progress as we go. 
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Eve Young • Senior Executive

Fortune 500 Financial Institution

"I was looking to find ways to help the leadership team feel more connected to one another and build new tools for growth.  As well as, looking for ways that help the team identify obstacles that may get in the way of reaching full potential.

KLARITY MINDSETTE provided us with the skills to identify challenges and provided us with the exercises required to address them in a mindful way. I particularly appreciated the thought that while we can and should move through all of the associated emotions that accompany experiences, we shouldn't dwell on them.
I would absolutely recommend this program. It was a wonderful team-building workshop and provided the building blocks to successful change and improvement."
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Tal Aviezer • Artistic Director

Red Monkey Theater Group

"Our attendees at Allison's mindfulness workshop were all very impressed by the experience. Allison is a thoughtful, engaging, and inspiring teacher. I would recommend her workshops to people from any field or background who are interested in exploring the benefits of mindfulness in their personal and professional lives."

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Stephanie Shacochis

Executive at NOBUL

We reached out to KLARITY Mindsette because we wanted a workshop that would provide tools and mindfulness techniques to benefit our people's mental health and well-being. They were able to provide skills and training that several employees said they loved that they were receiving tangible tools that they incorporate into their daily lives. I would recommend this program; Allison has a wonderful and thoughtful approach to her workshops. You leave the session wanting to put the tools into practice and understand their benefits on your personal and professional life.
While it would have been wonderful to have had the workshop in person, due to not being back in the office, we were unable to. However, it was still really effective doing it remotely.


Online Class Series

The Sette

The Sette is a 7 part class series teaching you how to incorporate your KLARITY MINDSETTE- pre-recorded so you can participate on your schedule.

Workshops & Immersions

Get Away & Focus

Join us for a half or full-day immersive experience! We offer you the chance to step away from the carousel of daily life and connect to your KLARITY MINDSETTE.

Coaching & Individual Sessions

One on One

One-to-One personalized guide to channeling your KLARITY MINDSETTE.

Speaking & Events

Special Event

Book Allison to speak at your event or host a workshop for your team or company where she will share the strategy for fulfilling change using the KLARITY MINDSETTE.


Retreats & Excursions


Immerse yourself in a mindfulness vacation in a beautiful exotic locale as you take a deep dive into KLARITY MINDSETTE with this multi-day mindfulness and movement retreat. Participants return year after year to this life-changing getaway!



Schedule a private consultation to figure out if KLARITY MINDSETTE is right for you! Call or email today!