Online Class Series

The Sette

The Sette is a 7 part class series teaching you how to incorporate your KLARITY MINDSETTE- pre-recorded so you can participate on your schedule.

Workshops & Immersions

Get Away & Focus

Join us for a half or full-day immersive experience! We offer you the chance to step away from the carousel of daily life and connect to your KLARITY MINDSETTE.

Coaching & Individual Sessions

One on One

One-to-One personalized guide to channeling your KLARITY MINDSETTE.

Speaking & Events

Special Event

Book Allison to speak at your event or host a workshop for your team or company where she will share the strategy for fulfilling change using the KLARITY MINDSETTE.


Retreats & Excursions


Immerse yourself in a mindfulness vacation in a beautiful exotic locale as you take a deep dive into KLARITY MINDSETTE with this multi-day mindfulness and movement retreat. Participants return year after year to this life-changing getaway!


Schedule a private consultation to figure out if KLARITY MINDSETTE is right for you! Call or email today! 



Mindfulness Coaching Client

“ As a business owner and mother of 3 children, I found myself lost in a constant "go mode" and had difficulty unwinding and just being. I had flirted with meditation before but kept judging myself for not doing it "right" or long enough – it wasn't working. 

So I decided to reach out to Klarity Mindsette, seeking a more grounded, mindful way of life. I had the pleasure of working with Allison in a seven-week 1:1 Mindfulness Coaching program.
Allison helped me press the reset button and approach Meditation in a new, easier, and more thoughtful way through Mindfulness. Through our seven weeks together, I started to have a deeper understanding of myself and completely changed my relationship with meditation. She showed me how to frame my ideas in my mind. As a result, I found a more profound sense of calm and awareness within myself. In addition, I noticed the ability to "pause" before reacting to family and work-life situations. I'm very grateful to Allison & Klarity Mindsette. The benefits of mindfulness coaching have been so profound I will continue my work with Allison. 

Barbara T

Weekly Program Client

"Thank you for this beautiful newsletter.  I always enjoy reading your message. Your caring spirit jumps off the page. Your words always hold meaning and inspiration for me. You have guided me with your words and practice throughout what seems like an endless year. You have given me the gift of focus, introspective and friendship. You are a true treasure to me and our community!"


Weekly Program Client

"Thank you for this honest and earnest update.  I admire so very much your self-awareness, especially in those areas of life that we rarely share with others. I am constantly amazed at how clearly you stay in touch with your feelings and how willing you are to share those feelings and your reaction to them with us."

Barbara K

Weekly Program Client

"I was transported by the vision of my inner “chick” cracking the lining of my shell… a poignant and meaningful metaphor for this change in life..how blessed we are to practice and enlighten ourselves with you as our guide. My body is challenged and the world is struggling to right itself… but you are a calming, insightful voice in my life that gives energy to the “good”... my gratitude is enormous and my love is genuine… je t’aime"


Retreat Client

"I read this post and once again you continue to amaze me.   Your thoughtfulness to thank each and everyone of us individually demonstrates your gratefulness and true character.  This retreat was beyond anything I anticipated and I’m still on a high that has helped me get through my first week back at work. I’m looking forward to taking whatever classes I can make of yours and counting the days to our next amazing adventure.   Keep us posted.   Sending much love your way."


Retreat Client

"No words can express how I am feeling today, after spending 5 days with the beautiful and enlightening Allison Waguespack guiding us at Thatch Caye, a Muy'Ono Resort in Belize at #pranaandpower2019.  The yoga practice was powerful and the messages in the workshops allowed me to open space in my heart and mind."


Retreat Client

"Words truly can't describe how grateful I am for this experience. It was healing in so many ways but eye opening as well for me. You really are an amazing woman and I feel so lucky to have gone on this trip. Thank you for everything: your energy, your teachings, your words, and your kindness." 

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