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What Does Home Mean?

Hi Everyone, Hi! I hope you all are having a great summer. This last month has been quite a whirlwind for my family but we are getting adjusted to our new life in a new state. This week I finally found some time for my yoga practice. It felt both strange and good to lay…
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Klarity Mindsette Yoga

A Lesson Learned

Hi Everyone, It’s taken me a few days be able to write this newsletter. In just over two weeks my family will be relocating to Florida. As you can imagine we are cleaning, organizing, purging, reminiscing, and mostly cherishing our last days here in this sweet town.  I taught my last classes for a while…
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Part of the Path

I hope you all are well and enjoying the beginning of summer. I am entering my last week of teaching here in Westchester. Even as I type those words I can feel my heart swell a bit. This has been and will continue (I expect for the next couple of months) to be an intense…
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Major Life Upheaval

Hi Everyone, Please excuse the lengthy message this week but I hope you read it all. I am entering my final few weeks in Irvington and with that comes all types of emotions. Going through a major life upheaval can make us feel groundless and disconnected. I am working very hard to stay present with…
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March 14th Newsletter

I hope you all had a good week. As I continue to manage the balance of lightness and heaviness in the world I found the passage below incredibly helpful. I shared it with my classes this week as we practiced what it means to be a Spiritual Warrior; both finding the courage to be authentic in the body and mind…
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Learning to Take the Gifts

Learning to Take the Gifts of Each Hour. I’ve been a yoga instructor for 14 years. Along the way, I have become a wife and a mother, which by default has also made me, at times, a personal chef, arts and crafts expert, tech support, laundry extraordinaire, emergency hair and makeup artist, personal assistant, and…
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